Update on Products

Neurapas Balance ~ Excellent for calming nerves, eliminating mood swings, and making you feel like your best self! Ranges in price from$42.50 – $65

Nature’s First Defense Formula ~ An excellent roll-on for quick and easy germ defense on the go! $20.50

Fisiocrem ~ Excellent for muscle and joint pain relief!  $19

ZEN Herbal Liniment ~ Relieves Joint and Muscle Pain!  $24.50

Rescue Remedy Spray ~ Excellent for relieving stress, anxiety, and overall lowers the emotional stress your body is holding onto that makes you feel ill!   $20

Germ-a Clenz ~ Naturally cleans the air and surfaces and eliminates mold and mildew!  $30

(From left to right) Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil Plus bottle ($30), MARI-MEND ~ Topical relief for dry itchy skin ($25), and Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil Gelcaps ($40) These products have all the health benefits of marijuana without the THC so you can be healthy without being high.

Natural PreNatal Vitamins!  $36

For Earache Relief and Dry Eye Relief! $20 each

Rubiaplex $21 (Urinary and Kidney ailments) Candidaide $21.50 (treats Candida symptoms) Vaccin-Aide $21.50 (Natural Vaccine!) PARAZAP $34.99 (Parasite Cleanse) Excellent child-friendly products to treat all types of ailments! See in store for additional information and more wonderful and effective products!

Nature’s Sunshine Products! Exclusive to this location!

Relieve your muscles aches instantly!

Relieves muscle aches instantly! Great for massages! $9.50

Every few days we put a new message on our street sign…come read our new inspirational messages and stop by to see our new products!

Our latest Ice Rollers! Perfect for athletes and non-athletes with tense, stubborn muscles! $14

Contains excellent rollers that will help relax your muscles, help you sleep, and relieve congestion in your nasal cavity! $14.99

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