Special Promotion!

I am selling Himalayan Salt Lamps ~ Natural Ionizers from the Himalayan Mountains! When the salt crystals heat up, they emit negative ions into the air. Negative ions help to clean the air, improve focus, and promote healing! Simply place your hands or feet on the lamp and receive instant healing benefits!

Cheaper to buy in my store for only $100 plus tax…found on Amazon for $171.23 plus shipping and additional taxes!
Experience the ancient remedy of halotherapy at a great price!
Recommended for treating all ailments, including respiratory illnesses! The charged salt particles help allergy and asthma sufferers by drawing water into airways, thinning mucus, and helping move it out of the lungs! Contains over 80 essential minerals, unlike typical processed or synthetic salt remedies which do not have sufficient enough nutrients.
Product lasts for 5 years~that’s only an investment of $20 a year for amazing health benefits when you buy my Himalayan Salt Lamp for only $100!

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