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Health Products//Wellness Center downtown Medicine Hat!

Monday to Saturday 9:00AM-5:30PM


453 3rd Street S.E.

phone 403.487.0361

fax 403.487.0359

Are you tired of randomly being prescribed harmful chemicals which result in a wide range of side-effects and offer no actual health benefits?  You can have personalized product testing, ensuring that your body can assimulate the nutrition given.  Your experience will be like none other, unique from the moment you walk in the door!

Come see Sherolyn and Ronnie, we offer high quality vitamins, herbs, supplements, Magnets, unique Diffusers, the purest Aroma Therapy, Reflexoloygy tools, Himalayan salt rocks and much more!

Featuring Natures Sunshine products!

Every few days we put a new message on our street sign…come read our new inspirational messages and stop by to see our new products!